Monday, 19 November 2012

Assignment No. 3

Welcome to Term 2.   For our first Term 2 blog we are discussing old songs re-done by newer artists. In all genres of music bands and artists often will cover the song of another artist.   Examples of this are Brittany Spears's cover of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts' "I Love Rock n Roll," Madonna's cover of Don McLean's American Pie or Maroon 5's cover of the old jazz standard "The Way You Look Tonight."   Performing another artist's song in a new way is common place in music.

In this week's blog we will examing two songs, the original version and it's modern rebirth. The song that we will be looking at is "I Want You Back" originally performed by the Jackson 5 (featuring a very young Michael Jackson) but recently re-done by Colbie Caillat
. Jackson 5
Colbie Caillat
Click to listen

Please listen to the tracks and answer the following questions for each song:
1. Name the artist and the song name.
2. List the instruments you hear.
3. Is it a solo, duet, small group or large group?
4. What does this song remind you of? (Sights, sounds, smells, etc.)
5. What is this song about? Please listen to the lyrics and give a brief summary detailing the song's content.
6a) Do you like this song?
6b) Please give a musical reason why or why not?
7. Please compare and contrast these two songs. What aspects are similar? What aspects are different?