Monday, 11 March 2013

Assignment No. 7

The Junos are coming!  Much like we did with the Grammy's we're going to make prediction about Canada's biggest awards ceremony for music, the Juno Awards.  We're going to start off with the Fan Choice Awards.  There are ten nominees, we're going to look at five this week.  The nominees are:

Carly Rae Jepsen
Michael Buble

Pick the artist that you want to win and give me three reasons why they should win. Be detailed in your responses and please respond in full sentences.

You can answer by posting in the comments section of this post, by e-mailing me at or by writing it down and giving me your responses in class.


  1. I think the artist that should win the Fan Choice Award is Michael Buble.
    One reason why I think he should win this award is because Michael Buble earns his uniqueness by making covers of songs that were mostly part of the older generation, like the roots music. He covers these songs and makes it his own. With this he is basically making sure these old songs that he covers, would not be forgotten, especially by the new generation.
    Another reason why I think he should win is the fact that his music can be loved by anyone the young, or even the old.
    My third reason for why I think he should win the award is that he can sing different types of songs; there's a variety. He can sing soft, smooth songs and then switch to more pop music.
    These are the very reasons why I think Michael Buble should win the Fan Choice Award.

  2. In my opinion the artist that I would chose to win the fan choice awards is 'Michael Buble'. The reason I chose this artist to win instead of any of the others, is because his songs are very soothing,and not to fast,and too up beat. It is more slower,and has a soft or medium tone to it. I also chose this artist because he does not include bad words into his songs, so little kids would also be aloud to listen to it.His songs also fits many different types of occasions, eg: parties,weddings,showers, etc. I also like the different varieties of his voice, it's not bland, and it's not to overpowering. Overall Michael Buble is a very creative, and interesting song artists, that many people like to listen too, like me.To me these are the types of qualities I would look for, to pick a person who truly deserves to win the "fan choice award".

    - Raeesa Mohamed 9-06.

  3. I believe that Hedley should win the fan choice award. My reason for this is because the lead singer has this rasp in his voice that makes the songs he sing more drawing. Every time he sings, it seems as if he is pouring his heart out and I really like to see that in a singer. Secondly, the songs are very catchy. They also have a lot of different songs. Some just sound fun, and some have great meaning to them. You can really connect to some of their songs. Lastly, they really seem like a fun group of people. Those are the reasons why I believe that they should win.

    -Mary Duong 9-05

  4. The artist that I think deserves the Fan Choice Award is Michael Buble. There are many reasons why I like Michael Buble. First of all, his incredible voice. He just has such a moving tone of voice and a tremendous range. I've listened to Michael Buble since I was 3 considering my mom is a fan. I love his kind of music and there is something about Michael's voice that gets to my mom and I. Another reason would have to be because he has a variety of genres of music like jazz with his smooth vocals. Traditional pop with his covered songs such as "Can't Help Falling In Love" By Elvis Presley and "wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. Along with modern pop with his original songs. My third reason is the fact that his music could be played at almost any event with weddings and parties. It could also be listened and appreciated by anyone. These are the reasons why I think Michael Buble deserves the Fan Choice Award.

    -Hannah Magnaye 905

  5. The fan choice award should go to DRAKE because he has created songs with lyrics in it that everyone likes to say no like "Yolo" and "started from the bottom no were here".
    Also because he is a canadian that showcases his rapping skills around the world and is really good at it. Lastely because when he raps it makes sense and tells a story if you listen really closely and it talkes about his life.

    - Michael Saceda 9-04

  6. I say Drake should win it because hes very popular and his songs are well known especially the lyrics in his songs. He raps real good like slim shady and hes still on a roll on his career. And he is also Canadian so atleast there are people that are representing us eh!

  7. Carly Rae Jepsen should win the fan choice award.One reason is because she's a popular Canadian song-writer and a recording artist she has a melodic voice that can make everyone dance. She write her songs with completely originality. And lastly the way she made her music with fascinating tone.

    Alexiss Gutierrez 9-04

  8. I think Carly Rae Jepsen should win for the fan choice award.Carly Rae Jepsen should win because shes an amazing singer and song writer and plus she's a Canadian recording artist. She also write great song its so catchy and fun that when people hears them they just wanna dance like the song call me maybe.

  9. Carly Rae Jepsen should win: First reason, she's an awesome singer and she is also popular all over the world. Second reason, when Carly Rae Jepsen is singing it was full of energy. Third reason, her music has a good beat that will make you dance and i think Carly Rae Jepsen is a fun person..

    -Christine Marquez 9-04

  10. I think Carly Rae Jepson should win this award because she's extremely talented first of all. Her songs are really catchy and upbeat which gets people in a good mood and makes you want to dance. For example her song, Call Me Maybe. Everyone found that song really catchy. I also think she should win this award because she has come a long way from when she first started and I really think she deserves to win because her songs are actually really good. And lastly, I think she should win because she is signed by Justin Bieber and it would make him really proud if she did :)

  11. I think Carly Rae Jepsen should win this award because she worked so hard to get to where she is and not a lot of people thought she would make it far after her single Call Me Maybe. Her songs are all upbeat and really catchy. It's really easy to sing along to her songs and she always has something positive to say. She has a young innocent voice which helps her music relate to teenagers like us. She writes lyrics that relate to a lot of people or girls my age. She even mixes her music with other artists to explore her options such as her single with Justin Bieber, "Beautiful". She deserves this award and it would make her even bigger.

  12. I think that Michael Buble should win this award because of his beautiful voice that everyone loves. Michael's voice is smooth, low, and makes you want to sing. His songs are sometimes up beat and some that are slow jams. His songs have these type of meanings behind it and doesn't use inaporopriate words in his songs. Michael Buble can inspire a lot of young people because of his actions and love towards music. Anywhere you go, you would hear Michael Buble's songs play at parties or other occasions. There is something about Michael Buble's voice that makes me fall in love.
    Charisse Ahmad 9-06

  13. The award should go to Drake since he's a very talented man. He produces majority of his songs, and his lyricism is off the charts compared to any rapper on the label he is signed with. His work ethic is unbelievable, he sleeps in the studio.

    Jeremy de Leon 9-04

  14. I say Drake should win it because hes very popular and his songs are well known especially the lyrics in his songs. He raps real good like slim shady and hes still on a roll on his career. And he is also Canadian so atleast there are people that are representing us eh! "You can break my heart, but you can't break my swag"

    -Drizzy Drake

    -Holla at chya boi Elijah Caparros 9-06